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Being pretty and having the right text on the page isn’t enough. We are not finished there. We make sure you will pick up that extra business and the website hits by being a mobile friendly, responsive website design.

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We take your ideas and transform them into a beautiful website. Part of this design is the text. These words pitch your web visitor and close the deal. Perfectly placed researched keyword phrases increase your traffic.

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Our team specializes in the popular CMS – WordPress. This, in combination with our Divi based theme creator, proves to be a secure, reliable, stable website. Security updates are issued frequently to stay ahead of the bad guys.

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Our team of writers will manage your website’s content for you. Having new blog posts appear often keeps customers coming back to your website to buy. Search engine optimized content keeps the search engines interested in your content. When it is time to update your pages with copywriting that engages consumers and closes the sale, our copywriters will make your company the hero.




The team at Crumple Group is made up of copywriters, website writers, digital marketers, graphic designers and web designers in the USA. These are small business people who are true to their art and put their all into making your company look good. They understand and respect business and are passionate about working hard to improve yours.



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We design pretty smart. Smart websites bring in the sales with legal SEO, repeat visitors and and higher search engine result placement.

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IMEI Check to Make Sure That iPhone isn’t Stolen

An IMEI check will let you know if that iPhone you’re thinking of buying as a small business office phone is actually stolen. If the iPhone is stolen then you aren’t going to be able to use it. You will likely also meet your city’s finest officers to explain why...

Twitter for Business and How to Blow It

Using Twitter for business does have its etiquette and it is a really good idea that you brush up on it. There are some companies that are using some overeager tactics on Twitter that only make their potential customers run screaming from that business account....

Newsletter Format – Best Practices Part Two

Newsletter Format Newsletter Format was the focus of Part One of this article. Today’s article gives you some ideas on how to get it done when you have so many other things you have to do in your small business. Once you have the newsletter done, there is plenty more...


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