The best website platform to use when you’re in a hurry to kick start your company will depend on the type of company that you have. Some small businesses will need a shopping cart and others just need a small, inexpensive website that is easy to use.

Best Website Platform

There are a lot of choices for running a website. The most popular by far is WordPress. Drupal is also very popular. Some businesses have a website created for them from scratch that uses no computer management system, it only uses code to be created. With all of these choices, how can you tell which is the best website platform for your small business?

The software used to operate your website is call a content management system or CMS. Most small businesses use a CMS for their website instead of having one completely custom made. Custom made websites are made once and tend to be forgotten. This leaves you to deal with security breaches and outdated designs, but your designer is long gone. This makes them an expensive choice as you’ll likely have to pay a new designer to create another website for you sooner rather than later. It is important that a website is updated constantly in order to stay ahead of hackers.

There are situations where having a website created from scratch is the best choice. There are larger companies that have specific needs that are not covered by the average CMS choices out there. These companies can afford to sink $50,000 or more with a very reputable, large website development company. But, most small businesses are too small for that and their needs are fairly routine. So the average mom and pop store or small corporation should not go custom with a small website designer.

Drupal is a very complicated CMS. It does have its advantages with its very nerdy plugins like being able to handle and track customer support tickets, has heavy duty shopping carts, modules that can run accounting software and so many other comples plugins. The problem is finding a good designer at an affordable price. There are not many designers that work with Drupal, they are usually computer nerds. So, in the end you’ll have a very outdated, choppy look with your website, unless you can afford to hire a big web development agency.

The most popular CMS is WordPress. This is considered the best website platform to use for small businesses that don’t need a huge website. When you’re looking to just have a web presence or you have a couple of hundred products to sell online, this is the CMS for your company. There are thousands of little plugins that will do just about everything you could possibly need. It is easy to use as its administration area is very logical. So, you won’t have to call your designer every time you need to add a product or make a minor change to a web page or blog post.

Now, when we’re talking WordPress, the one that is best for business is the version you’ll be paying a web host to host. WordPress does offer a free hosted version that has very limited options. This does not work at all for a small business, due to its extreme limitations. If you are going to do a personal blog and just post your thoughts now and then, the free hosting version is great. But, if you’re running a company then you are going to need a real website. WordPress will be downloaded by your designer and placed in a private hosting account. Your designer will create a custom design for you and do all the writing on the pages. Within a couple of weeks you’ll be ready to go.

Given that your website is the first thing a new customer is likely to see in regards to your company, it is vital that you choose the best website platform. First impressions are everything. If your website looks out of date and sloppy then they will assume your products and services are the same. You want to put your best foot forward and today that is especially important for your website. Give a call or email to discuss your website design needs. We are affordable and easy to work with. We’ll have your company attracting new customers from the Internet in no time at all. Plus, we specialize in SEO.