The best websites are gorgeous, of course, but also have some key features that can make or break a company’s bottom line. Installing a cut rate website that is pretty only, will actually hurt your company’s business.

Best Websites

The best websites are going to have these key features:

  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile Friendly Design
  • On Page SEO
  • Professional Copywriting

If your website does not have all of those items, you have wasted your money. Actually, you have done worse than wasted your money. You are hurting your company by having it on the web.

How a Website Can Hurt Your Company

A website that doesn’t have SEO on the web pages won’t attract any customers from the search engines. It won’t be written for that. This will confuse the search engine and the people you’re looking for will be sent elsewhere. All web pages need to be configured for SEO for the very phrases that people are putting into the search engine to find a company like yours. These are phrases that are hardly ever the name of your product, your city or your industry. Research will tell what those potential customers are actually typing into the search engines. When you optimize for those phrases, it pulls those new customers right to your website.

When text is left on the page that came with the website template, as is done by most Indian website design companies, it will have your website showing duplicated web pages. This is worse than have no information. The search engine will disregard your website, because they block websites that copy information from other websites.

A professional copywriter needs to write your web pages for many reasons. The most important one is your potential customer. In order to sell the customer on your product or service, they want to read about what your product will do for them. What do they get out of it?

The writer will also have several spots on the page where they ask the customer to contact you. This is called a “call to action.” There should be several of those on the web pages, aside from having your phone number on the page. These calls to action are blended into the text. They stand out, but not in an obnoxious way.

The entire web page tells a bit of a story, of sorts, as it leads the customer through the pitch. The customer doesn’t even realize they are being pitched, it is that subtle in many cases. At the end, if they haven’t already fallen in love with your product and called, they are pitched one more time to contact you.

The best websites are always designed with a responsive and mobile friendly framework. These websites will automatically change their size and reconfigure their structure to look spectacular on a smaller or larger screen. Your website looks a lot different on a mobile device than it will a laptop or desktop computer. This is what the responsive design does.

Having an out of date site, or if you have wasted your money on a cheap company, will actually hurt your company. Your current customers will have no reason to use your website, because it doesn’t give them any information they want. New customers will never find your company, because of the lack of on page SEO. Even if a customer does happen to run into your website, it won’t have the proper pitch to bring them in.

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