I have blog writer job openings for writers that are experienced. This is a part time position writing blog posts that are 300-500 words, typically. The pay varies, $15-$30 average per blog post depending on your writing skill, writing for the web knowledge, the job and other factors.

My writers write for my clients and my clients’ clients. You’ll be writing the blog posts of the small businesses that have subscribed to my blog writing service. You will be paid weekly as an independent contractor. You will need to fill out a W9 form if you are hired.

Blog Writer Job

You must be a professional writer for this blog writer job. If you are writing once in a while when you’re sober enough to turn on the computer, or your experience is writing for pay per click like the Examiner, don’t bother me. I’m looking for writers who write for a living. The following are the requirements of the job:

Blog Writer Job Qualifications

  • Experienced in writing for websites.
  • Have WordPress experience.
  • You must have been born and raised in the USA.
  • Have professional work habits and time management.
  • Have a very basic knowledge of HTML.
  • Must have MS Word on your computer.
  • Must have and know how to use photo editing software for resizing photos.
  • You must care about following instructions for each writing job.
  • While it helps to be a born writer, an educated one will suffice for the blog writer job.

Pluses, But Not Requirements

  • Live in or very near the Sunnyvale, CA, area. (Needed for one particular blog)
  • Have Photoshop and know how to do graphic design.
  • Humor writing.
  • Yoga knowledge.
  • Copywriting experience.
  • Auto Mechanic experience.
  • Teaching experience in any of the K-12 grades.
  • Jewelry fashion experience.
  • Wedding and engagement writing experience.

Apply for the Job

If you think you have what it takes to write as a professional blogger for Web Content Design, let me know. Send me an email with links to at least three of your blog posts on websites, so that I can see how you write. I will contact you if I like what I see.