All really cool websites have one thing in common, spectacular images in the design. You know that, you see them. But, you can’t afford to pay a photographer for photos, and Getty Images will want hundreds of dollars of yearly rent for each photo. So, what to do?

Cool Websites

You can get great deals on images for your website. For my own website and for my clients’ websites, I use BigStockPhoto. They are owned by ShutterStock, but they are a smaller operation and less expensive to get started with. They have authorized me to give this free trial to my clients. Go to and sign up then you will be able to download up to 70 photos for free over the next 14 days.

Cost of Stock Images

When you use stock images, it is great to have some payment options that fit your download needs. BigStockPhoto offers a monthly fee or packs of images. If you hardly ever use photos then the packs will probably work the best. Buy only what you will need in the next few months, because your pack will expire in 12 months. If you need a lot of images then you can get them for about .16 each by signing up for their high use monthly subscriptions. You can tailor your account to what you typically use. Of course, the more you use the less expensive each photo becomes.

Big Stock Photo

I’ve been using since I discovered them nearly a decade ago. I’ve always been happy with the selection and the photographers that list their photos there. So, bump up the quality of your web design and become one of the cool websites by adding inexpensive, awesome images to your pages. If you need any help redesigning your website, let me know and I’ll give you a free quote. A great looking website does a lot more business than an outdated, drab website. (I will receive a small fee if you sign up on the BigStockPhoto free trial, but my opinion of them is high, otherwise I would not have recommended them.)