Copy writing is different than just words on a page. Writing copy is a term used in advertising. The words on a banner, on a product label or in a newspaper advertisement are copy written. It is a special way of stringing words together to convert the person reading it into a buyer. When it comes to your website, it is vitally important that you use a copywriter to write those pages. The combination of the design and the written word brings them to you as a customer.

Copy Writing

Some small startups have it stuck in their head that in order to sell a product there needs to be a lot of flashing graphics, capital letters used and basically – shouting. This is true of a late night ad possibly, but not for a website or a product listing on Amazon. This type of ad is screaming cheap and fly-by-night. This is not usually the image you want for your company.

Proper copywriting is more of a manipulation, but a very carefully worded one that will bring the reader willingly and excitedly to your cash register. Good copywriting tells the reader the benefits they will derive from your service or product and let them know how much they will enjoy it. Good copy writing is: “Feel the wind blow through your hair as you tour the open backroads in your new, candy red Porsche. You know they are looking at only you when you woosh by them, but you don’t mind.” Most business owners think they should write: “2015 Porsche, Used, Red. Great Deal at 10% off today.” And that is why they need a copywriter.


Good copy writing will convert your website visitors into sales. If your website is already written, I can rewrite it to both improve the search engine optimization and to convert your visitors into sales. Most of my clients see vast improvements right away as the search engine picks up the new writing. It improves over time, like a fine wine, as more and more potential customers hit the website. You will quickly earn more than what it cost to improve your website. Give me a call or email to get started.