Part Two of Customer Retention article. Part One of the Customer Retention Article.

Customer retention is an important part of running your small business. Keeping the customers you have is vital to growth. Keep the customers you have and if you keep them happy then they will bring you more. It is one of the easiest paths to growth. Keeping your customers happy is the important part. So, you need to pay attention to what is going on under your own roof.

Ways to Keep the Customers Happy

First, you need to monitor your employees. You cannot put your workers in place and walk away without ever checking to see if they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. If you do, they will see that you don’t care and then they won’t care. Your customers will start to be treated poorly; the employees will give away the store and maybe even start to steal. The whole operation will begin to visibly degrade.

So, have checks in place. Hire a management team if you’re too busy to constantly watch what’s going on, and interact with customers and employees. Your loyal customers, by the way, will tell you what is going on if you are easy to reach. But, it is a pretty big problem going on if it is the customer that is reaching out to you to let you know your company is out of control.

Customer Retention Methods

Secondly, you need to do little things that show the customer you care. If you are mail order, then include a little free gift with every order. It doesn’t have to be very valuable. If it has a little card attached that says something like – Because we feel you are a very special customer, we have included this little gift to say “Thank you.” The customer will love that little gift, because you just made their day. If you’re a restaurant, slip them a little free dessert once in a while to show your appreciation. Every company can do a little something for free to show the customer they are appreciated. The mobsters actually built Las Vegas as gambling town doing this very thing. That is where the idea of the free show tickets, free dinners and free drinks came from.

Next, utilize your website and social media to offer your customers give-aways, contests and just have fun interactions with them. It is best to do this yourself, but if you can’t then put the social media wizard from your staff on this job. You can also hire a digital marketing professional to drum up some fun and build your social media followers.

Interacting with your customers in a positive, pro-active way helps build loyalty. And customer loyalty means customer retention. If their impression of your company is happy, friendly and that you care, they will send you all of their friends to shop with you. They will give testimony to how wonderful your company is on their social media accounts. And all you spent for all of this is some time and a very minimal expense.