cash for referrals

receive $100 for every new client you refer

Web Content Design is on a push to expand our clientele base and we need the help of people all across the USA.
We are willing to pay a lot to get that done.

Easy Cash for Referrals


  • Receive $100 for every new website client that you send
  • Work whenever you want and however you want, you’re the boss
  • Tell people to contact us for their new website, that’s it
  • Receive $100 for each new contracted client

how it works


Web Content Design is committed to hiring people who want to be the owner of their own small business. That’s why we are offering cash for referrals. Sure, we could pay an agency to find new clients, but it is better to help people help themselves to live a better life. So, we want you to help us and we’ll help you with increasing your income.

You’re the boss. You can work hard and earn a huge income or you can send us an occasional client for a little extra spending money. It is up to you 100%.

how to start


The first thing you need to do is to fill out our form below to let us know you want to earn referral income.

Next, you will start contacting small business owners to tell them about our web design services. Send them to our website for more information or tell them to contact us. Make sure you tell them they need to give your name to us.

When that person hires us for a new website design or a redesign of their current website, you’ll receive $100 when they make their payment. It is that easy.

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When will I get paid?
You will be paid $100 after the person (or business) you referred to us pays us to create a website. We issue referral checks on the 1st of the month for the earnings of the prior month.

How will I be paid?
You will be paid by your choice of a check in the mail or PayPal. Keep in mind that PayPal is instant, but they will charge you their fee (usually around 3% of the total or more). We will ask you for your payment information after you earn your first referral cash reward.

Do I have to pay taxes?
Yes, the money you earn sending us referrals is taxable. In January, you will receive a 1099 form that will report to you and the IRS how much we paid to you in the prior year. You use this to declare the income on your taxes. Please contact a tax professional to learn about how to pay taxes when you’re an independent contractor.

How do I find people to refer?
You’re the boss on this one. You can talk to your friends, people that you meet in day to day life, through email campaigns, go door to door to businesses or by any other method you would like to do it. You are an independent salesperson and we’re your client. You can sell our website design services anyway that works for you.

Can I have information on Web Content Design's services?
Please browse our website for all the information you need.

Our website design services includes:
Website hosting
The website’s design
The text on the pages (most companies do not write the content)
Stock photos tailored to the client’s needs

How do I know when one of my referrals contacts you?
When one of your referrals contacts us for web design services, we will send you an email to let you know.


Small business owners come to us to give their company a boost.
We understand small business and we love our work.
The affordable rate is just a bonus.

Great Websites

naturally attract new customers from the web
with pretty and smart.




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