Do you want to know how to write a blog when you’re looking to improve the hits on your website? There are some tricks of the trade. The following is what I teach the seasoned writers that come on board at Crumple Group. Most web content companies used antiquated SEO methods that end up getting you into trouble with Google and other search engines. This blog post is the first of a series that explains the effective way and safe way to do it.

How to Write a Blog

When you first start wondering about how to write a blog, it is likely because you want a boost in business. It is logical that if you get more hits on your website then you’ll get more sales. And if your copywriting on your website is excellent and you have lots of calls to action then that is 100% true. The blog is the next step in that process of increasing traffic. Here are the methods I use that make my clients really happy with their increases in sales.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is vitally important. You need to find out what people are putting into the search engines to find a company like yours. You need the exact words that they type into the search engines. You think you know what those phrases are, but you are almost always wrong.You also need to know how many people are using those phrases in your geographical market area. Additionally, you need to find out what level of competition there is for those phrases, so you don’t waste your time using highly competitive keywords that are going to get you nowhere. If you need help getting that research done, let me know and I’ll research and compile a list of keywords for your website.

Writing a Blog Post

Make sure you never write anything on your website that doesn’t have anything to do with what you’re selling. If you are selling auto repair services and then start posting on your blog about your quest for the perfect wedding dress, you are going to tank your website in the search engine search results. It is very important that you stick to topics related to the types of services and products that you sell in your field. If you have two different businesses, you must have two different websites.

Keyword Phrase Usage

When you’re new and just learning how to write a blog, you will sit down to write a blog post each day or once per week. The first thing you will do is pick a keyword phrase from your list. You use that keyword phrase as your topic for the blog post. As you are writing, you work that phrase into certain places on the page.

These are places you need to put that keyword phrase:

  • At the beginning of the blog post title – as close to the beginning as you can
  • In the first sentence – as close to the beginning as you can
  • In the first subheading – as close to the beginning as you can
  • In the first paragraph after the first subheading
  • In the final paragraph

These spots are where you are going to get the most attention from the search engines. Those prime spots on the blog post make it crystal clear to the search engine that your blog post is about that keyword phrase. How to write a blog is all about the search engines. You can turn into Mark Twain later.

Keep the keyword density to only about 1%, if possible. Don’t keep repeating the keyword phrase over and over, because it will get you banned from the search engines – it is called keyword stuffing. That was what we were doing in the 90s and now you will get banned for it. Sometimes you need to say it a lot, so what you do is use related words. Use words that make your point, but mean the same thing as your keyword phrase. For example, if you are selling dinnerware, say dishes or table settings sometimes. This keeps your keyword density number down to a reasonable number in your blog post.

There are many websites that allow you to check a blog post’s keyword density. They have a form on their website where you can paste in your blog post. It’ll give you the density for all the keywords it sees that you’re using. This allows you to adjust your writing to increase the repetition on keyword phrases you want to use. You will also decrease the number of times words are used too many times accidentally. Any word phrases that are repeated start to unintentionally count as keyword phrases. Just put in the phrase “Keyword Density Tool” into your favorite search engine and you’ll see lots of websites that offer this free service on their website.

Stay Tuned

I hope this first in the series of How to Write a Blog has been helpful. Tomorrow the second in the series will post on Please bookmark this blog to make it easy to check back.Tomorrow will be about some of the other vital bits of a blog post that make them count as important in the search engines. One big topic I’ll delve into is how an image isn’t just an image. There are specific things you need to do behind the scenes of the image to help it drive traffic to your website. See you tomorrow.