How to Write a Blog Part Two is the second in the series. Yesterday was the first blog post on the topic.  You might want to start with the first blog post and then come back here.

How to Write a Blog

Yesterday in How to Write a Blog Part One, I went over how to pick a topic, keyword research, keyword phrase placement and keyword density. Now you’re ready to take it a step farther with learning how to drive traffic to your website using a blog.

Grammar Counts

I know you clicked on this to learn about how to write a blog, not get lectured, however: Grammar and spelling count. They count because you want to build trust with your client. If it appears that you write at an 8th grade level then you are going to lose a lot of that credibility, even if you are an expert on the topic you’re writing about. If you didn’t get very good grades in English class in high school then it is worth hiring one of my writers to write and/or edit your blog posts. The brand you build and increased hits you’ll get from a professional writer will more than pay for itself. The writers at Web Content Design are fabulous creative writers and they are well trained in my techniques of SEO. My techniques get results and they work within Google’s guidelines, so you have no reason to fear of getting banned from Google.


Images have their own dos and don’ts and how to write a blog will always involve an image. You definitely want beautiful, professional photos on every blog post. Most of us aren’t professional photographers and that is what it takes. Those photos have to be attention getting and beautiful. So, here is what we do, we use a stock photo service. I use Big Stock Photo. They are very inexpensive and have really awesome photos. You can pay for a subscription by the month to download a lot of photos or you can buy image packs. Image packs are a set price for a set number of photos that you get to download over the course of the year. If you use my special link then you’ll get to try it out for free for 14 days and download 70 photos!  (I will get a small commission if you sign up for their free trial, but I’m sharing this link because it is a great service that I use myself.)

Images need to be a consistent size. Decide what size you’re going to use for all your photos and stick with it. I find that 900x600px is a great image size for my blog. For some clients I use 500x500px. Decide the size you want and format every photo to that size for your blog posts. Never publish a blog post without at least one photo. People are very image oriented and a tremendous amount of people will read your blog post when it has an interesting image, without one – not so much.

When you use an image on your website, there is more to do with it than just upload it and place it on the page. As soon as you upload the photo, a page will appear that has a lot of blanks to fill out. The image title will automatically fill out, but you need to fill out the caption, the alt text and the description. The caption is a normal caption, heading style. The alt text and description need to be a complete sentence or two. Make sure you use your keyword phrase in the alt text area. Use related words in the description and caption areas. For instance, if your keyword phrase is “jewelry is pretty” then use a word like ring, bracelets or necklace. This will greatly help in your search engine optimization of your blog post. If you have a lot of images in your blog post then put the actual keyword phrase in only one alt text area, use related words on the rest of the images.

A final note about images is that what is pictured in the image doesn’t count for SEO. I’m sure that Google has some magic spell that their computer can sing while the moon is waxing so it can read the text in an image. But they aren’t using that computer to crawl your website for search engine purposes. So, don’t put pictures of words on your website instead of text, if you want that text to count.

Part Three is Tomorrow

Part Three of How to Write a Blog is tomorrow where you will learn about how long a blog post should be, how often you should write one and how to write the overall SEO for the blog post. I hope you found my methods of SEO with images helpful and it starts driving a lot of traffic to your website. Add this website to your favorites to make it easier to find tomorrow’s Part Three in the series on blog post writing.