An IMEI check will let you know if that iPhone you’re thinking of buying as a small business office phone is actually stolen. If the iPhone is stolen then you aren’t going to be able to use it. You will likely also meet your city’s finest officers to explain why you’re in possession of some poor guy’s iPhone. So, beat the criminals at their own game, check with Apple first by running the IMEI number or Serial Number.

IMEI Check

Hey, every small business is smart to buy used. A business owner knows that it is their #2 job to make one dollar spend like it is three dollars. One of the ways you can do that is to buy a $949 iPhone 6 Plus in Rose Gold for only $350 by buying it used. Smart move, right? Damn right! Well, unless the phone is stolen. So, you have to do an IMEI check.

Have the seller give you the IMEI number from the phone before you even go look at it. If they won’t, then you’re going to have to assume the phone is stolen. Consider yourself lucky before you were:

  • Mugged. Many thieves pretend to sell an iPhone just to mug you when you show up with all those hundreds in your pocket.
  • Experience the hassle and possible trauma of being caught with stolen merchandise.

There is no reason for the seller to withhold this number from you. The only thing you can do with it is stare at it or ask Apple, by an IMEI check, if it is a stolen phone.

How to Do the Stolen iPhone Check

Apple has set up a website for just this purpose. They are helping to prevent iPhone theft by allowing you to easily do an IMEI check for the phone to make sure it isn’t hot. Enter either the IMEI number or the serial number on that website page. This webpage will also let you know if the iPhone is ready for sale.

If the iPhone is Activation Lock disabled according to Apple then the iPhone is not ready to be transferred to anyone else. This will let you know that either the number you were given isn’t for an iPhone that is for sale or the seller just hasn’t finished preparing the phone yet. Do NOT get involved with this iPhone until the website states this phone is clear and ready to be sold, because you have no idea what you’re walking into. This deal could be a mugging, a stolen iPhone to be sold or some other nefarious operation. Tell the seller to prepare the phone so you can verify it. Only show up if the IMEI Check is good then go see the phone.

Save More of Your Money

A small business has to constantly find ways to slash the price on everything they buy and the IMEI check is one more way to save cash by buying used iPhones for the company. If it sounds too good to be true, it just might be. But, thoroughly check it out first. If you need to save a lot on a new website for your company, let me know. Give your company that big boost it needs by pulling in more customers from the web easily with one of my SEO optimized websites. And, maybe you’ll get to call me on your new iPhone you got the great deal on.