A mobile site must be operating for your website or else Google will not bring it up in search results for mobile devices. Given that about 50% of local searches are now done on a mobile device, this is some important news if you want to have your website work for you at all. If you noticed your website isn’t getting the hits it used to receive back in April of 2015, it is time to work on your website.

Mobile Site

For old websites and for many premade themes, you are going to have to install an additional website in order to handle mobile devices. This is not true of the Divi theme, which is one of the many reasons I use it. It automatically works perfectly for a mobile site. So, when you have Divi, you get a responsive website that is already mobile friendly. If your website was built with Divi then you have nothing to worry about, you are mobile friendly. If your website has a different theme then you’ll need to check your website to see if Google is blocking it.

Mobile-Friendly Test

To see if your website is being blocked from coming up in search results due to not working well as a mobile site, go to the Mobile-Friendly Test that Google offers. Put your url in the analyze box and click Analyze. After about a minute it will show you what people will see on a mobile device. It’ll also let you know if your website failed the test. If you failed, you are not getting 50% of the traffic out there that is looking for your company on the web. It is important that you fix that immediately.

How to Get a Mobile Site

This roll out from Google was back in April of this year. But, it isn’t too late to comply with the new rule. As soon as your website works well as a mobile site, Google will add it back immediately when they crawl your website. I am an  Divi designer and can switch your website to a fabulous Divi theme design that will be responsive, up to date in style and work beautifully on mobile naturally. My rates are very affordable and you’ll earn back what you spend quickly, because you’ll be recapturing that 50% of mobile you have lost. Give me a call and let’s get that website working for you again.