Newsletter Format

Newsletter Format was the focus of Part One of this article. Today’s article gives you some ideas on how to get it done when you have so many other things you have to do in your small business. Once you have the newsletter done, there is plenty more to do to get it to your customer and see that it is opened and read.

When to Send Your Newsletter

You should send your newsletter when your subscribers are most likely to view it. Every business is different, of course. A bakery will likely have people reading their newsletter at different times and days than a nightclub. But, as a general rule for your average business Mondays and Fridays are not good days to schedule your newsletters. People are buried Monday mornings and they spend all day trying to keep their heads above water. On Fridays they are doing as little as possible and their thoughts are with the weekend. So, on Mondays and Fridays your newsletter is likely to be lost in the shuffle and forgotten. Tuesdays through Thursdays are good. Saturdays and Sundays are great, especially in the early morning.

The time of day you email your newsletter doesn’t matter a whole lot. But on the weekends, it is best the subscriber receives it in the middle of the night. They will then have it when they are relaxing on the weekend and it will be there when they first open their email in the morning.

The Newsletter Email Subject

You’re probably going to want to put “My Company Newsletter” as the email subject, right? Well, don’t do that. It doesn’t say a thing about the super cool things you have inside your newsletter. And you want them to open up this email to see your brilliant newsletter format, right? You have to write an enticing headline that will get them to want to open it and read it.

So, don’t use the email subject line:
ACME Newsletter #522

Do something more enticing like:
See What We’re Giving Away for Free in May!


Contests are very popular and they will work two ways for you. First, the customer will open your newsletter to see what this fun contest is all about. Then in the coming months, they will open the newsletters to see if they were the winner! A contest can work for you month after month. Everyone wants to win something.

Put Someone in Charge

To come up with your newsletter format and to assemble your email newsletter every month, you’ll need to put a person in charge that is quite gifted with knowing what your customers love. They need to be part marketer and part editor, making sure everything is properly copywritten and spelled correctly.

If you don’t have an employee that would be good for your company newsletter then you’ll need to hire someone who is an expert in that position. WebContentDesign has writers on staff that are newsletter experts. The small amount you spend for a professional to take charge of your newsletter will return many fold in customer retention and increased sales.

Hire WebContentDesign for your newsletter needs in the month of April and you will receive installation of an effective newsletter optin plugin that pops up on your WordPress website. This handy Pop Up asks your website visitor to sign up for your newsletter and they do! This is a very effective way to build your mailing list and I’ll include it in our newsletter service for free. Of course, I’ll install it at no charge.

Newsletters are a Blessing

Once you get the hang of the newsletter format and sending one every month, you will start to notice that your customer retention and customer loyalty is improving. Your customers remember your company and will stop by for your products and services more often. They look forward to your emails and read your helpful blogs posts that they didn’t even know existed before your newsletter arrived. Newsletters make running your company just a little bit easier.