website design for small businesses


Your small business gets a start with everything it needs and there is still room to grow. This WordPress theme is very inexpensive, gets you on the Internet fast and you can add to it later.

The design gives a small business everything they need. It will be fully customized with stock images, color scheme, fonts and copywriting to match your company. Of course, we’ll fine tune the design to meet your unique business needs.

Project Details

Theme Name Bakery
Skills Branding, Web Design
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custom website


A website theme can be quick, easy, inexpensive and still gorgeous. This theme will be installed and customized with photos for your business, your color scheme and a professional copywriter will write the text.

a website you can easily add to later

This website design contains:

  • Homepage
  • You Add to it Later
  • Contact Form

This website theme is the first step in getting your presence on the Internet. As you grow, the page can be expanded and more pages added. This is our most inexpensive website theme and it is designed with the start up in mind. It will be fully customized for your type of business.


Small business owners come to us to give their company a boost.
We understand small business and we love our work.
The affordable rate is just a bonus.

Great Websites

naturally attract new customers from the web
with pretty and smart.