website design for small businesses


Your small business gets a start with everything it needs and there is still room to grow.

The automotive website design gives an auto shop small business everything they need, but works well for other types of businesses. It will be fully customized with professional stock images, color scheme, fonts and copywriting to match your company. Of course, we’ll fine tune the design to meet your unique business needs.

Project Details

Design Automotive
Skills Branding, Web Design, SEO

This website design gives a small business everything they needs in a website.

design specifics


This website is created for an auto repair shop. It works well for any small business, especially start ups. This new look, copywriting and search engine optimization will make all the difference in driving new customers to your shop.

a website you can easily add to later


This website design contains:

  • Homepage
  • 2 Additional Pages
  • Contact Page
  • Blog

New clients are pulled in frequently by new blog posts publishing. Additionally, the blog posts reinforce the SEO for the entire website.


Small business owners come to us to give their company a boost.
We understand small business and we love our work.
The affordable rate is just a bonus.

Great Websites

naturally attract new customers from the web
with pretty and smart.