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When you’re just starting a small business, you need to do as much as possible with as little as possible.

The StartUp Lean design is just the ticket to get your company on the web fast, with little expense.

This website design appears to have many pages, but is just one and has a dramatically different look with different pictures, color schemes and fonts. This is the basic design of the Illusion website design. The stock images, color scheme and fonts will reflect your company.

Project Details

Website Type: Small Business StartUps
Benefits: Branding, Web Design
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get on the web fast


This Small Business Website has the minimum you need to get your business on the web. You will add to it as your company grows.

  • Contact Information
  • Address with a Map
  • List of Your Business Services
  • Benefits of Your Services

ready to grow


A good looking website with professional copywriting builds trust with your potential customers.

When the budget is lean, this website design will get you on the web fast. The website will be customized with fonts, stock images, colors and copywriting that puts your company’s best foot forward.


Small business owners come to us to give their company a boost.
We understand small business and we love our work.
The affordable rate is just a bonus.

Great Websites

naturally attract new customers from the web
with pretty and smart.