If you use Twitter for business, you already know that it is one of the best ways to build your brand. There are so many benefits for businesses that use Twitter. Now, Twitter might be a little bit easier to use with the changes the company is rolling out very soon.

Twitter for Business

Staying on top of Twitter is important when you use Twitter for business. Here are some interesting changes the company is making to the platform that will make Twitter a little easier to use.

First of all, the 140 character limit is going to stay. I can hear everyone’s collective sigh. However, they are loosening up what is called a character. So in essence, it will feel like we’re getting more characters to use. Among the things that are no longer counted:

  • The @name of the person you’re replying to will no longer eat up your 140.
  • The photo attachment, gifs, videos, etc., will no longer count as characters. This is one thing that was making me nuts!

More Changes from Twitter

There are a couple of other changes that will be made also. One of my other Twitter pet peeves is being addressed: the ability to Retweet oneself. There are times I really need to retweet one of my previous tweets, but noooo. Well, this is changing! In the coming months we’ll have the ability to RT our own Tweet.

Another change coming up soon is putting a . before the @name will no longer be necessary if you want everyone to see it. It used to be that Twitter and other programs would drop any tweet from view starting with @name. (Only @name would see it.) So, people started putting a . before the @ in order for everyone to be able to see it. This will no longer be necessary, with one exception. If your tweet is in reply to somebody then you will need the period in front of the @. I think they really overthought this. If we wanted it private we’d use a DM, you know what I mean? But, at least it is progress.

What is Not on the List of Changes

The number one thing people want to change about Twitter for business is not going to happen. That change that everyone wants is the ability to edit a Tweet that has already been posted. No way, Jose. Tweets are still going to be written in stone and it is unlikely that even God could get them to change that. So, if you’re using Twitter for business, remember to proofread twice and post once. Here is the Twitter company’s blog post about the upcoming changes.