Using Twitter for business does have its etiquette and it is a really good idea that you brush up on it. There are some companies that are using some overeager tactics on Twitter that only make their potential customers run screaming from that business account.

Twitter for Business

The whole point of using Twitter for business is to have new customer relationships developed. At first it might seem that it is all just a race to the finish line of who has the most followers, but it isn’t. Twitter is where you build trust and let followers get to know you and your company a little better. It is branding in its purest form and branding isn’t the sort of thing you want to screw up.

Not that long ago I started a company Twitter account for my web design company, WebContentDesign. When I have a little idle time I’ll work the account and follow some new people. I’m surprised at what I’m finding from fellow business people on Twitter. They make me either mute them or drop them like a hot potato.

The Don’ts of Business Twitter

I would put these items in the form of a numbered list, but the problem is that all of these things would be #1 on that list. So, here they are in no certain order, because you should never do any of these things.

  • Send a Direct Message to someone when they follow you.
  • Post inspirational messages to Twitter.
  • Have most or all of your tweets ads for your products or someone else’s products.
  • Not respond when people have tweeted you.
  • Reposting tweets over and over.
  • Make every tweet hashtag heaven with numerous hashtags.
  • Automate tweets, especially a bunch in a row.
  • Tweet politics or religion – unless you’re a comedian or public figure.

If you do any of the above things, you are going to deter anyone from following your account. In the case of the completely obnoxious DMing someone for no reason or to spam, you’re going to likely get hate mail and immediately unfollowed.

How to Use Twitter

Twitter is all about getting to know your patrons and letting them get to know you. It is where you tweet from the heart, answer customer relations issues to make it right, post cool pictures of what’s going on inside your company right at the moment, and update customers on company news. You develop your company personality with Twitter; you don’t make your customers hate you.

The very best way to build your brand on Twitter is to do it yourself and do it the right way. If you just can’t handle Twitter, put an employee in charge of it and keep a very close eye on what they are saying to customers. If that doesn’t work for your company, let me know and I’ll hook you up with a company that specializes in social media. Happy productive tweeting and be sure to follow me @DiviDesigner.