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WordPress Blog

Your new website design will be built on the reliable WordPress blog computer management system. Over 60 million websites depend on WordPress.

Responsive Site

A responsive site means that your business website will automatically adjust its look. It is fabulous no matter the device you’re using to view it.

Website Layouts

Your new website design is naturally customizable, so that is it easy to change and add to the website layout as your small business grows.

Corporate Identity

Branding is always a top priority in business. Your small business website design is built to help you develop your corporate identity and branding.

websites pay for themselves

An old website will chase new customers away.

Your website is your way of building that initial trust and it is the first thing many of your potential customers see. If it looks professional, then your new customer will assume you are professional.

There was a major shift in small business web design about two years ago. If your website is older than that and keyword research was never done, give us a call to get a quote on rebuilding your site to today’s standards and correcting your on page SEO.

Newsletter PopUp

All of our websites come with an optional customizable mailing list pop-up to make it easier for your website visitors to sign up.

Social Media Share

Your customers bring you more customers when they use the social media buttons to share your cool website with their friends.

Mobile Friendly

Your website will be mobile friendly, naturally. It will look just as gorgeous on iPads and smartphones as it does on your desktop.

Social Media Follow

Social media marketing is important. Your new website design will make it easy for customers to follow you on social media.
“I’ve greatly appreciated working with you and your professionalism, even when we were going back and forth on the design of the site…thanks so much for hanging in there with me.”

Business Coach

“Based on your past work with my corporate identity, I would hire you to at least go ahead and write too without even knowing the cost.”

New WordPress Theme

“Thanks for everything, I am looking forward to working with you. You seem so much more helpful and engaging than the others I spoke to.”

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Small business owners come to us to give their company a boost.
We understand small business and we love our work.
The affordable rate is just a bonus.

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