When it comes to website design, the rule is to start preparing for Christmas, the biggest sales holiday of the year, by July. Here it is early October. Have you missed the boat for getting your website ready to attract the rush of shoppers?

New Website Design

A new website design that is spectacular, update to date, mobile friendly and responsive can have a profound effect on your sales, both locally and on your website. There are a few of reasons for this.

First, if you’re running a very old website then you are giving the impression that your products or services are not up to date. If your website is about 4 years old, your company is well behind the curve in website design. That website is the first impression that your customer receives about your company. Make sure your website design is giving the impression you need it to.

Secondly, your website needs to be responsive and it needs to be mobile friendly. What responsive means is that the page needs to reconfigure itself for a different size screen just like magic. To watch this happen on a device is sort of like watching a miracle happen. Being mobile friendly is a related matter, you can have a mobile friendly website by other means, but there is nothing like the look and feel or a responsive website design. If your website is not responsive or mobile friendly, then Google has dropped you from mobile search results, at a cost of 50% of searches.

A new website design will also include the services of a professional copywriter. The copywriter will work his or her skill on your website to have every word count. The sections on the page will tell a bit of a story as the eye makes its way down the page. There will probably be several “call to action” sections, (where the words ask for the sale), depending upon the length of the page. The webpage is a sales pitch and you need to really make your pitch count in order to sell as much as possible for that Christmas crunch.

When Is It Too Late to Redesign

Well, the most accurate answer is that it is too late when people have stopped Christmas shopping. But the sooner you update your website’s design, the more shoppers your website is going to capture. So, now is the time to give me a call and let me fit you into a brilliant, new website design with fresh and effective copywriting for the holiday season. The changes are seen by Google as soon as the website design is made live and submitted to Google. The new Search Engine Optimizaton will have an effect immediately, sending you more and more customers to buy your products or services. My web designs start at only $299. You’ll likely recapture that cost in new profits in less than a day.